Thursday, March 8, 2012

Salted Dark Chocolate Lollipops

I really love Sweet Confections by Nina Wanat. The book is stunning to look at. I've spent hours pouring over the lush photos. Making candy is definitely outside my comfort zone. I've made toffee and caramel sauce, but I wanted to try the lollipop molds I bought a few months ago.

I was really nervous around the boiling candy. There are no picutures because I was too freaked out to snap photos. My hands were literally shaking like a leaf while I gently spooned the hot candy into the molds. I could barely sprinkle the sea salt onto the molds. I was still afraid even though I was aware that I needed to be safe and made precautions (a huge bowl of ice water at the ready in the sink) in case I splashed the hot candy on my skin. Don't worry about the chocolate strings on the side of the lollies. They break off really easy.

I made 2 batches which produced 36 lollies. I own 3 lollipop molds with 6 cavities each, but I wish I owned more so that I could have made more lollies. After I filled the 3 molds, the candy was starting to harden. I took a piece of parchment paper and gently picked up the mass of leftover candy. While it was still warm, I molded the chocolate by carefully covering it with the parchment paper and rolling it between my hands which formed a chocolate log. I cut the chocolate into chocolate bits using kitchen shears. Fun!

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