Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness Basketball Sugar Cookies

I love the NCAA Tournament. The Kansas Jayhawks are my team. Every year I root for them, and sometimes they win. This is the first time in years that I failed to get my picks entered into the office pool. That's a huge bummer, but these cookies are my excuse. I baked them on Monday and my master plan included outlining and flooding the orange on Tuesday, then adding the lines on Wednesday which would give them plenty of time to dry by Thursday's office party. Unfortunately, I crashed early on Tuesday night. Seriously, I was out by 9:30pm. Chaos ensued. Not really...but kind of.

I decided to pipe the outline for the lines first, then flood with the orange. I thought this would lend them that "puffy" look some baker's manage to attain. The other option would be to pipe the outline, flood it with orange, then add the black lines. I was hoping they would dry in time, but they didn't. Amazingly, even though we're only in mid-March, the weather did not cooperate. It was very humid which really slowed down the drying time. Oh well, they'll make a lovely addition to Friday's office party!


Hey, who let the hippie in? I just couldn't resist turning a few of the basketballs into peace signs. The University of Kansas is located in Lawrence, KS. It's like one giant hippie commune which is a hard habit to lose once you're into it.

I need to work on piping, but it really takes a lot of practice. It's getting better, but there's lots of room for improvement. I'm planning on making bunnies and chicks for Easter which will give me more practice opportunies. I think I'll write the kids' names on their cookies. Stay tuned!

This is the very first cookie that I've used black icing for the outline. I used AmeriColor's Super Black, but it still took several squirts to reach this level of black-ness.

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