Saturday, October 1, 2011

Club BAKED: Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins

This is the latest installment of Club BAKED. I'm really glad this recipe landed on a Saturday! What better way to start the weekend then with a cheesy, salty, slightly sweet muffin? Thanks to Billie who chose this delightful recipe. It's a great way to welcome Fall!

This recipe mixes together very easily and uses ingredients that are were already in my pantry and refrigerator (except for the pumpkin seeds). I omitted the seeds, but I can totally appreciate how they would add another layer of flavor and texture. I used muffin liners which stuck a little to the muffin, but next time I will skip those and just butter the heck out of my muffin trays. I love the mix of spices. The cayenne pepper and black pepper tingle on your tongue, but not too spicy. You could serve these cheesy muffins with chili or soup to brighten a cold winter evening.

I prefer to bake from a recipe that uses weight measurements because I think it's way more precise than measuring by volume. My wish for the third cookbook from BAKED is that they add weight measurements. I'm buying farm fresh eggs from a co-worker. The eggs are in a variety of sizes so I can't go by the generic "use 2 large eggs". I researched how much one large egg weighs and discovered that it should equal about 50 grams. I used 3 eggs which weighed a little more than 100 grams. Please BAKED guys, add weight measurements!

I've also discovered that I don't really like to take a lot of pictures during the baking process. It kind of ruins the zen-like baking experience I enjoy.


  1. I don't take a lot of step by step pictures on my recipes either! I just don't have the time. I am all about the baking. I love the way yours look with the cheese on top!

  2. The finished color of your muffins is really pretty! I love the idea of serving them with chili. They would compliment them perfectly!

  3. i agree about the weights! so much faster!
    nice muffins!

  4. I go in phases. Some recipes I have lots of step pictures. In others, I find that I barely have pics of the finished product :)

    Glad you were able to make the weights work for you, although I agree, it would be nice to have them!

  5. Your muffins look great. I had the same issue with the liners (even after spraying them with nonstick spray). We had our muffins with tomato soup, but chili sounds like an even better pairing!

  6. I use my phone to take pictures which might explain my aversion. It's hard to get a good shot which distracts me from the baking. I started taking photos of the finished product on my patio to take advantage of the sunshine.

    Yum, tomato soup. It's time to bring it on!

  7. I totally agree about the weights in helpful! Great job on the muffins!