Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why blog now?

Good question! I started using twitter about a year ago. Condensing my thoughts into 140 characters is an exercise in discipline. Occasionally, I find myself needing more space...which lead to this blog.

The world is complicated which sometimes makes my head hurt and my heart ache. I like to unwind by reading a good book, blog, magazine, or newspaper. Stella was born almost 16 months ago...hence the title of my blog: Reader, Interrupted. I still love to read, but I also love to spend copious amounts of time with Stella and Paul, my husband.

I also love to bake. A good friend once told me "when the going gets tough, the tough bake cookies." I agree. I'll share my successes and failures here, too. I baked Mark Bittman's lovely olive oil cake over the weekend. Posting to facebook and twitter just didn't feel right. This is where I should have posted that information.

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