Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Is Where I Leave You

My brother loaned this book to me. It's funny (and heartbreaking) which I suspect is difficult to write. It's easy to make someone cry (kill the dog!), but it's way more difficult to make them laugh. Judd's world falls apart when he catches his wife in bed with his boss, then his father dies. The family agrees to sit shiva for their Dad...who didn't believe in religion. Over the course of 7-days, Judd reunites with his brothers, sister (Wendy -- who's never really developed as a character), and Mom. Great set up for a book. Interesting characters, but the female characters are one dimensional (Madonnas, whores, shrews).

I appreciated that the ending does not tie up all the loose ends. This never happens in life so why should it happen in a novel?? Good read.

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