Monday, June 21, 2010

Please, Do Not Judge

Stella and I shopped on Saturday. She was in a spectacularly great mood. We headed to Michael's to pick up a plastic bottle (for "flooding" sugar cookies), one #199 decorating tip, plus candy melts. Stella kept her hot pink Cinderella sunglasses on as we shopped...just barely perched on the tip of her nose. One couple stopped to say hello. The woman exclaimed that Stella was such a doll with such big blue eyes and the man called her a movie star. Stella glowed in the attention. We found the items, then headed for the check out.

While we waited in line for the clerk to resolve an issue with another customer, Stella started to joyously shriek. Note, that this was not a scream. She was in a playful mood. The woman in front of us was not in such a great mood. Each time Stella shrieked, the woman would turn around and glare at us. Seriously, she did this 7-8 times. I started to feel that I needed to quiet Stella...because I was being judged as a bad mommy. I could feel the redness spread across my cheeks in embarrassment. Luckily, I stopped myself just in time from reprimanding Stella for acting like a babygirl. Some might say I actually encouraged Stella to express herself louder...more defiantly...more powerfully.

I won't be shamed into unnecessarily disciplining my babygirl to make up for another person's shitty day.

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