Monday, June 21, 2010

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I tried to avoid this book. I ignored pleas by friends and family to read this book. I ignored news articles on this book which was quite difficult since its really saturated the mainstream media. Then my sister put it a copy of the paperback in my hands and told me: "you must read this book." Okay, I buckled and read it. I pushed through the first few chapters which are super slow...and just about the time I decided it wasn't for me, it got me! I was hooked once Lisbeth Salander appeared. She's an interesting heroine. Damaged, tough, vulnerable, intelligent, researcher (the nerd librarian in me loves this!), beautiful/sexy in a punkgirl way, junk food connoisseur, anti-social, abandoned, hacker.

Don't try to avoid this book. Give in. Embrace it and enjoy it for what it is: a thriller with captivating characters.

Word to the Hollywood movie producers: please do not give the role of Lisbeth to Kristen Stewart. I love Kristen, but Lisbeth needs to be strong. Daniel Craig will make an awesome Blomkvist.

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