Sunday, July 17, 2011

Club: BAKED: Farm Stand Buttermilk Doughnuts

This is my first post for Club: BAKED! We're baking our way through Baked Explorations which is quickly turning into one of my favorite cookbooks! Gloria selected this recipe. Be sure to check out her amazing creations. I really enjoyed learning how to make doughnuts. Today the temperature hovered in the upper 90's. Next time I make these will be in the Fall! I'm including a picture of the ingredients. I'm always a little amazed when these simple ingredients turn into such awesome treats. It's magic.

I didn't have buttermilk on hand, so I used Ree the Pioneer Woman's trick to make my own. I've made my own buttermilk several times now and it always works, trust me. I discovered that the lighting in my kitchen is funky. I'll work on that as I take more pics.

The recipe is easy to follow. The dough was VERY sticky, but I added enough flour to make it work. I used a 1 3/4" and 3 3/16" biscuit cutter. I'm not a huge fan of frying food at home because I just don't feel safe around hot oil. This is my first time to fry at home. I ran into trouble heating my oil. I made it about 1" deep which took forever to heat up...but then it became crazy 3-alarm fire hot. I totally burnt the first 2 doughtnuts. I turned down the flame which was still a little too hot. I finally hit my groove on the 3rd try.

I made the vanilla glaze and added sprinkles to the doughnuts. I used cinnamon sugar for the holes. I had every intention to make the chocolate dip, but my family and I just couldn't wait any longer to dig in. My doughnuts are a little thin. Next time I'll use a smaller biscuit cutter to make the hole. The doughnut holes tasted best! Soft, pillowy goodness.

This is my 2-year old Stella as she gives her sign of approval! I've found a greater appreciation for anyone who makes doughnuts (or is it donuts?).


  1. Welcome to Club Baked from another newbie to the group. Your Stella IS a movie star....gorgeous girl. I enjoyed reading your post about not quieting her joyous noises on your excursion to Michaels.....well done!

  2. Welcome Joan! Glad to hear the doughnuts were a hit with your family. You know it's a winner when your little ones give their stamp of approval! She is adorable by the way!

    Your doughnuts look great! Thanks for baking along!

  3. Thanks, Maria! This whole motherhood thing is a daily crash course. Looking forward to checking out your intellectual freedom info.

  4. Thanks, Gloria. They'll turn out better next that I've worked with hot oil and kind of know what to expect.