Monday, July 25, 2011

Cherry Clafouti

Summer is on. I'm still baking, but the heat is brutal as we hover in the high 90's. I feel like a runner who's hitting the just. keep. going. On Friday, I bought a dozen fresh farm eggs from a co-worker (I know, how cool is that?). I needed to bake something to showcase the freshness of the eggs. After posting to facebook for ideas, I decided to bake a Cherry Clafouti. I love this easy recipe I found in the Kansas City Star a few years ago. The original recipe is no longer available via the KC Star, but you can view it here. A serving is less than 200 calories. What's not to love??

I adore this recipe because it's super easy and light. I used Fage Greek Yogurt because it adds a richness and smoothness that's unbelievable. I left out the blueberries, but doubled the amount of cherries. I also baked in a tart dish which I thought was a little too big, but it fit perfectly. I omitted the dusting of powdered sugar because I forgot about it.

You might also notice that I let it get a little brown...probably browner than I should have. But did that stop us from devouring it? Not a chance. I must admit that I became distracted by watching the batter rise. I think the farm fresh eggs are to blame!

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