Thursday, April 11, 2013

Overnight Oats...or turning myself into a reluctant oatmeal eater

On Monday, I started to make myself eat rolled oats every day. Normally, I would use them to bake awesome oatmeal cookies. But, sadly, this time I'm using them to fill my belly with goodness. It's all connected to my desire to become a runner.

Waaay back in November, I broke my foot which seriously hindered everything including my ability to bake. I'm almost totally healed so I hope to resume baking and more regular blogging. A few days before I broke my foot, I was gearing up to become that runner girl who've I envisioned in my head for years. Who knew a broken foot could dismantle so many goals??

Anyway, I'm almost to the point to try to run. BUT...I gained 6 pounds whilst in a cast on crutches...then a boot on crutches...then just a boot...and now I'm in (really sad) flats. I can hear the siren call of my beloved heels. Maybe early summer?? The heels can wait, but the extra 6 pounds need to go. Seriously, like now.

Forcing myself to eat oatmeal is an effort to lost those 6 pounds, and to curb my ridiculous craving for sweets. Warm oatmeal in the morning just does not appeal to me on so many levels: who has the time?, who likes mushy warm globs?, seriously, the texture is just WRONG! But then I stumbled on something called Overnight Oats...served cold. Hmm. Let's give it a try.

I found a recipe posted at Peanut Butter Fingers that includes several ingredients I like: Greek yogurt (LOVE plain Fage 0%), almond milk (I'm slowly adjusting to), oats (which I really want to love) and Chia seeds (a new love??). I whipped up a batch on Sunday night. You can make it in about 5 minutes, and the majority of that time is spent gathering the ingredients. On Monday morning I added in extra almond milk, then put it in a mason jar because I wanted the lid to be tight. I topped it off with frozen, no sugar added blueberries, then went to the office. I let it sit out at room temperature because I love the sour-ness of warm Greek yogurt.

At lunch time, I gleefully took a giant spoonful...then almost gagged. Aaaaaaaacccck! *cough cough*

I somehow managed to choke it down, but decided it needed sugar. The next morning, I added vanilla paste (What, you don't buy the giant 32 oz. vanilla? Don't judge.), then I layered the oats with blueberries. I sprinkled just a touch of sugar on the blueberries. PB Fingers suggests you add in peanut butter, maple syrup, or marmalade, and do not SKIP the Chia seeds. They add bulk, plus anti-oxidants. The secret is you need to customize it to fit your tastes.

I've eaten Overnight Oats four days in a row. I'm really enjoying the flavor, and I'm starting to adjust to the texture. Maybe it's an acquired texture??

Who let Sammy the cat in? Get off the counter now, junk bunny cat!

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