Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Play Like a Toddler

It's awesome to be Stella's Mom. She's 2 1/2 which is a fun time filled with exploration and learning. The real cool thing is I get to play, too. I'll admit that sometimes I'm not necessarily in the mood to color, but after I join Stella, it always lifts my mood. We build tall towers with blocks. We empty the coins from the piggy bank and separate them by size. Quarters are "big money" and dimes are "teensies". We read books like Where the Wild Things Are, Pinkalicious, and I Spy With My Little Eye (the art work is amazing). We draw and color monsters and birds and airplanes and elephants.

The other day I told Paul that I can't wait until we can start making crafts with construction paper and glitter and glue. Stella will soon be able to wield children's scissors, but what am I waiting for? Why not buy the supplies now and get our craft on?

Need proof that playing is good for the soul? Check out this article from Tiny Buddha.

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